Dryer Duct Cleaning is a Safety Issue

Duct Doctor Charlotte – Dryer Vent Cleaning
Duct work or venting is installed on the back of dryers to prevent the build-up of lint inside a dryer. The dryer vent ducting is typically made of foil or aluminum and should be a minimum of 4” in diameter. Depending how your home is designed, the duct work that runs from the back of your dryer to the outside of your home can vary in length. Some homes can have up to 10-50 feet of duct work because of where the laundry room is located, typically in the center of the home.

So while the dryer vent ducting is preventing the build-up of lint inside the dryer, it can and does build up on the inside of the ducting. Cleaning this out on a regular basis should be a regular part of your home maintenance. If this is not being done, you are creating a potential fire hazard in your home. It’s this build-up of lint inside the duct work that can pose a danger in your home. And because lint is inflammable, at any time the heat from the dryer can spark a lint fire, potentially causing the whole house to burn down.

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We Recommend:

  • Stay on top of maintenance of your duct work by checking it periodically for clogs and even bird’s nests.
  • If possible you want to feel inside of the interior walls of the duct work for build-up of lint.
  • If your dryer is not drying your clothes, bring in a professional to inspect the condition of your dryer vent ducting.

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According to the National Fire Protection Association, dryers and washing machines were involved in one out of every 22 home structure fires reported to the U.S. fire departments in 2006-2010.

Dryer vent cleaning improves the efficiency of your appliance, but more importantly reduces the chance of fire from a possible build-up of lint. We recommend, depending on the venting circumstances, to have your dryer vents cleaned or inspected every couple of years.

Duct Doctor Charlotte has been in the air cleaning business since 1985 removing contaminants from homes and commercial dwellings therefore improving the air quality. Using our proven techniques in cleaning our HVAC duct work, we use a combination of controlled forced air and vacuum power to ensure the duct work installed to support dryers are thoroughly cleaned.